Nevada Country Club
P.O. BOX 414   NEVADA, MISSOURI  64772


The History of Nevada Country Club

Established 1922

Golf Course Our course was established in 1922 by four local businessmen, George Few, R.S. Hart, C.C. Hawkins, and Gene Todd. They leased the property and established one of the first and most scenic golf courses in southwest Missouri. The course contained nine holes with sand greens. The membership fee was $6.60 paid quarterly.

The property was owned by Osage Indian Chief, Harry Kohpay. At this time it had one small frame structure located in the center of the property.

Chief Kohpay eventually sold his property to Sam Carter in 1927. At that time the golf association was known as the Radio Springs Golf Club. Dues were set at $24 per year.

The frame house was purchased along with a portion of the property in 1929 by a local lawyer, Boyd Ewing. Ewing wanted to convert the house into a clubhouse.

In the early spring of 1949, Ewing and Dr. Orville Dodge purchased the 90 acre golf course from the Carter family with the understanding that after the formation of the country club corporation, the property would be conveyed to the corporation. The Ewings offered their home for $7,500 to be used for a clubhouse.

In late 1949, the Nevada Country Club was incorporated. The club had 165 members with a cost to each member (share) of $225. The club was formed exclusively for recreation, pleasure, and other non-pro fit pursuits.