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Ladies Golf Association


2014 Ladies Tournament Schedule

June  Ladies Open  2 Woman Scramble

July Ladies Shamble Member Guest

August Ladies Fun Day
For Members of the Nevada Country Club
Ladies Golf Association



The Ladies Golf Association invites all female club members to join the organization. Golfers of all levels of interest and ability are welcome. We strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance and friendly camaraderie.
Each year, we begin with an organizational brunch in April. Annual dues of $20 are collected at that meeting. Business is conducted as needed, including:

1. Election of Officers
2. Assignment of committees
3. Volunteers for Monthly Coordinators
4. Selection of project (s) for club/course improvements
5. Selection of fund raising methods
Weekly play begins the first Thursday of May. Morning play begins at 10:00 am, and changes to 9:00 am for June, July and August. Evening play begins at 5:45 pm. Each player puts in $2 to play. The player (s) who wins the designated “game” for the day wins half the pot. The player who has the least putts for the day wins half the pot.
The association hosts a dinner and business meeting following evening play the first Thursday of each month. Weekly winners will be announced and prizes awarded at these monthly dinners.
In June, we welcome female golfers from other clubs and courses in the area to participate in our Ladies Open Tournament. This tournament is an 18 hole two-woman scramble. In August, the 18-hole in-house tournament is held for all members of the Ladies Golf Association.