Nevada Country Club
P.O. BOX 414   NEVADA, MISSOURI  64772


Membership to Nevada Country Club
Membership Application

1.  REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION: Membership shall be by invitation. Two members shall endorse each application for membership. The appropriate fees in force must accompany the application at the time of application (Entrance Fee and Stock Fee). The application is then submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.
A member who withdraws from any membership class shall not be permitted to reapply and be accepted for membership until 12 months have passed from the date of withdrawal, unless said withdrawal was caused by a change in residence to another area. If less than 12 months elapsed, and upon payment of all monthly dues from withdrawal date to current date, the member may be reinstated. If 12 months or more have elapsed, a new entrance fee is required; however, the member will not be required to pay monthly dues accumulated during withdrawal period.


A person age 21 or over.
Entitles the member and memberís family (except family members over the age of 25 years old) full use of the Club. Member must pay Stock Fee of $300.00, Entrance Fee of $400.00, Monthly Dues of $145.00 and a monthly spending minimum of $40.00 in the dining room or snack bar for food and drink.
The stock certificate of a husband and wife may be issued in the name of the husband or in the name of both the husband and wife. Upon application for membership by a husband and wife (or a request for change in a certificate), stock shall be issued in joint tenancy in common, naming the spouses as members. If the stock is issued in tenancy in common or joint tenancy to a husband and wife, only on of said husband and wife can vote a share of stock at any meeting of the Club. If the share of stock is issued to a husband and wife in joint tenancy or tenancy in common, both the husband and wife shall be obligated for all charges or expenses incurred at the Club by either husband or wife or other persons charging on account of that membership.

SOCIAL MEMBER: (Non-Golfing)
A person age 21 or over.  Entitles the member and memberís family (except family members over the age of 25) use of the Clubhouse functions. Social Members have no privileges to use the golf course, the tennis courts, or swimming pools, except as specified in the Country Club Rules and other conditions as the Board of Directors may from time to time impose, including, but not limited to the payment of User Fees.  Member must pay an entrance fee of $150.00, monthly dues of $70.00 with a minimum food charge of $40.00 to be used in the dining room or snack bar for food and drink. There will be no stock or voting rights for Social Members.