Nevada Country Club
P.O. BOX 414   NEVADA, MISSOURI  64772


Clubhouse Pro Shop & Golf Shop

The Nevada Golf & Country Club is a member of the “United States Golf Association”, and “The Missouri Golf Association.”


During the main season the Pro Shop will open at 8:00 A.M. The grill in the Pro Shop is open at 8:00 A.M. with various closing hours. (Check the Bulletin)

Weekdays $9.00
Weekend & Holidays $12.00
Member or reciprocal billing may pay for Guest purchase of Pro Shop items.


1. Players must keep carts at least 50 feet from greens and all wet areas on the course. Carts are permitted closer to tees, but in no event should a cart be driven on a tee. All carts should observe special instructions, either by signs, roped off sections or by borders sprayed on the grass. These areas are the most expensive part of your course, and you should do everything you can to protect them.
2. Cart riders do not have any preference on the course.
3. Carts shall be operated in a safe manner at all times.
4. Annual trail fees for carts will be established by the Board of Directors.
5. All privately owned carts must be covered by liability insurance. The Club will not be responsible for accidents caused by private carts.
6. Owners of private carts are requested to please observe the rule adopted by the Board in 1994 which states: To operate a golf cart on Nevada Country Club Property & Golf Course the DRIVER MUST BE 14 YEAR OF AGE OR OLDER.